What Tools Do You Need To Build a Bed?

When it comes to furniture, few items are as important—and as personal—as a bed. Building your own bed can be a fun and rewarding project. It can also be a great way to save money. But before you get started, you need to make sure you have the right tools. This blog post will outline the essential tools you need to build a bed.

Tools needed to make a homemade bed

A saw

First, you will need a saw. A saw is an essential tool for any woodworking project. It will allow you to cut the wood to the correct size and shape. There are many different types of saws, so make sure you choose the right one for the job. If you are a beginner, a hand saw or circular saw will suffice. But if you are more experienced, you may want to invest in a table saw or jigsaw.

homemade bed

A measuring tape

Second, you will need a measuring tape. This is important for making sure the pieces of wood you cut are the correct size. A measuring tape is also helpful for marking the wood before you cut it.

A drill

Third, you will need a drill. This is necessary for making holes in the wood. You will need to drill holes for the screws that will hold the bed together. A drill is also useful for making any other holes you may need, such as ventilation holes.

A screwdriver

Fourth, you will need a screwdriver. This is essential for driving the screws into the wood. A screwdriver is also helpful for tightening or loosening any screws that may come loose over time.

A hammer

Fifth, you will need a hammer. This is useful for pounding nails into the wood. You may also need a hammer to help disassemble the bed if you ever need to move it.

What type of bed to build?

Now that you know what tools you need, it’s time to decide what type of bed you want to build. There are many different types of beds, so take your time and choose the one that best suits your needs. Do you want a simple platform bed or a more elaborate sleigh bed? Do you want a bed with storage or a trundle bed? Once you know what type of bed you want to build, the next step is to gather the materials.

What type of mattress to use?

There are three main criteria when picking the right mattress for your DIY bed: size, type, and firmness.


Your mattress should fit snugly in your bed frame so that it doesn’t slide around or leave gaps. You don’t want to be constantly adjusting your sheets and blankets throughout the night!


There are different types of mattresses available on the market: memory foam, pocket spring, latex, hybrid, water, or a unique construction like the one used by Purple.


The firmness of your mattress is a personal preference. Some people like a softer mattress for more comfort, while others prefer a firmer mattress for better support. Reddit is one of the best places to do your own research on the subject matter.

these are stiff according to reddit

What materials to use in a DIY bed?

The type of material you use will depend on the type of bed you want to build. For a platform bed, you will need wood boards and plywood. For a sleigh bed, you will need wood panels and molding. And for a storage bed, you will need wood boards, plywood, and storage bins.

Once you have gathered all the materials, it’s time to start building! Follow the instructions in your chosen bed plans and you will soon have a beautiful, custom-made bed.

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